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Our passion for offering the best-in-class service goes beyond inside the walls of our restaurants. We are committed to serving our community, offering volunteer opportunities to our team members, and always sharing a smile.

We believe that happy team members and customers see more than just value of the products our business serves up, they see the difference we are making for our communities. Giving back through volunteer work creates a ripple effect of positivity giving back and happier people. We want our team members to have the opportunity to have pride for our organization and meet the people of the community – not just through their role but through volunteer opportunities as well. 


Popeyes Foundation: The Popeyes Foundation supports two causes, the Popeyes Family Fund and hunger relief. The Popeyes Foundation™ Family Fund was developed to assist with the immediate needs of employees and/or their family members who may be victims of disasters or other emergency hardship situations. For the community, the focus is on eradicating child hunger.


The Poverello House: The Poverello House was founded by Mike McGarvin in 1973 to serve the homeless and needy population in Fresno County.  They provide meals, clothing, housing, and rehabilitation programs 365 days a year for men, women, and families in need. Poverello House operates all their services utilizing a "low-barrier" approach so that they can serve all people who are seeking help. Currently, Poverello House has successfully moved homeless populations away from the danger of freeways and into emergency shelters.  


Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission Employment and Training: We have partnered with the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission Employment and Training to provide on-the-job training and positions to late adolescents and young adults who are in the foster care system. The Workforce Connection Young Adult Program provides opportunities to young adults living in Mendota and Fresno County to participate in a summer internship program. Fresno EOC successfully pairs young adults with local employers in rapid growing industries. The summer internship program is designed to target high school graduates transitioning into post-secondary education, offering them the opportunity to be mentored by a leader in their respective industry.

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