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Our Executive Leadership team is committed to building an organization that is a well-known frontrunner in the industry. We are strategic leaders, experts in the business, and creative visionaries with a persistent commitment to excellence.  We inspire and motivate a higher level of performance through relationships, expectations, maximizing efficiency, and achieving organizational goals together. Our team are market experts persistent in attaining nothing short of positive revenue gains, being customer’s #1 choice, and building reputable relationships in our communities.  We work hard, have fun, and reach for big wins for our team members, customers, and restaurants. As Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – we are dedicated to aligning and achieving success as a team using the best of our individual strengths.



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President and CEO: As President and CEO, Imran is responsible for realizing the organization’s strategy, establishing clear objectives, and driving business development while drawing upon the strengths and energy of the team. At his root is a hunger to achieve positive results for his teams, customers, and the organizations he leads. 


Imran graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Neuropsychology, and went on to obtain his Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. He brings with him 15+ years of experience in the Restaurant, Food and Hospitality Industries as a leader of Operations. His proven success has noted him as a leader in his industries. More recently, since 2019, he quickly turned operations around and spearheaded sales to increase by more than 80% in the Popeyes® Fresno, CA market. His leadership of a managed Wendy’s restaurants put them in the top 1% of the organization, which earned five consecutive years of awards for exceptional service & sales performance.





Vice President of Operations: Calvin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and brings 13+ years of restaurant and service experience. What’s unique about Calvin is that he has an abundant amount of front-line experience. He knows firsthand how to identify operational efficiencies and improvements that are driven by customer and team member feedback which ultimately enhances their experience. He knows the importance and is passionate about ensuring training and learning opportunities are in play at all restaurants in the portfolio. Operational excellence and success are top priorities for him and he’ll lean into his learnings and experience to guide the larger operations. 


As Vice President of Operations, Calvin is leading the successful execution of strategies to exceed customer expectations through training, improved business processes and culture – all geared toward providing the best-in-class service. He is developing tactics that align every team member with his vision for the organization which includes the mindset of ‘act as an owner’, understand customer value, and proactively respond to others needs.


His proven experience has won operational leadership awards including: 2016 DMA of the Year, Operations Support in 2015, 2014 for Profit Increase, and 2013 Top Manager. He is well-versed in producing training and efficiencies that are focused on quality, sales, high-level performance, and customer satisfaction. 


Kadiedra “Dee-Dee” Crawford

Director of OperationsKadiedra has been responsible for developing the infrastructure for California QSR to help operate successful restaurants. In addition to serving as an expert on our franchise brands' training initiatives and new product rollouts, she focuses on developing training programs and systems to help improve guest service, inventory management, speed of service, and financials. Currently, she focuses on hiring the right people to help our restaurants provide great customer experience.

Kadiedra has been with our company since its inception and has helped create a strong foundation for which our company can grow from. She began her career with our first restaurant in San Diego as an assistant manager, and now oversees all of our restaurant locations.  


Faustino Rojas

Brand Director: Faustino provides direction to our Area Managers and restaurant teams. He’s a strong believer in our company values – goal setting and people development – and knows his success is dependent on the success of his team. He focuses on hiring the right people to help our restaurants provide a great customer experience. Faustino has spent more than 10 years in the restaurant business successfully growing people and operations.












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