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Living Our Values


We trust and empower our team members to make the best decisions to meet customer needs while keeping our business top of mind. We support the method ‘act as an owner’ – we encourage team members to be a leader, treat each decision as if you were the owner, and stay true to our four fundamental principles. This approach will help you grow and feel even more valuable. Keep reading to learn more about our four fundamental principles – our guiding light! 


We pledge to partner with brands that align with our passion to serve joy – and that starts with the serving fresh and flavorful food. Our growth pipeline will continue to build and secure strong relationships with brands that have our same passion for freshness and quality. Quality and flavor do not have to be lost with fast-food. We believe that you succeed serving the best not the most. 

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen doesn’t take shortcuts on quality – and that’s what we love about this brand. Each piece of chicken is freshly prepared, hand battered and breaded with care to keep that classic crunch and juicy center that is bursting with that bold Louisiana flavor! As Popeyes® says “Our chicken is so good, you may want to do a little happy dance!”.


We’re service obsessed – it’s part of our DNA. We strive for excellence and that starts with understanding why our customers choose to do business with us and listening to their insights. Our teams are focused on building customer relationships through active listening, delivering world-class service and being proactive to meet customer needs. We encourage our teams to offer creative solutions, provide insights they learn, and be a part building our service culture.  The feedback and insights we collect are directly used to make business decisions and to continuously improve our service, offerings, and culture. 


We know the value in the process of learning new skills and expanding your knowledge in an ongoing and continuous learning environment. We support all team members in being active players in their development journey. We offer self-initiated learning, opportunities to take on new challenges, cross-functional training, and stretch goals to help you constantly grow to achieve your personal and professional goals. We know that offering gradual opportunities to improve your skills allows your growth to be in a constant state of working on  acquiring more skills.

Friendly vibes are what you’ll find when you visit us – we always have time for family! Our team members count on each other and work together to create welcoming environments, deliver unexpected delights, and have fun serving up some great food to the best customers. You’ll find our kitchens packed with excitement, kindness, and a sense of togetherness just like yours at home. We are committed to creating diverse and inclusive spaces that are safe for our team members, customers, and restaurants. We know this is a top priority and that there is a constant growth opportunity we will keep at the forefront of all we do.   

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