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Feeding America

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

By: Christopher Upchurch

The greater Fresno County has a little over 3,600 homeless people, most of which reside on city highways and in downtown districts. And while the local city government has done much to facilitate housing and relief efforts, there remains a sizable homeless population that falls through the cracks.

Part of our commitment to our communities is not only serving quality food in our restaurants, but also gifting that food to those in need. We believe that as members of the community, we should do our part to help end the homelessness crisis. On Septemebr 24th, our company had the pleasure of donating 150 Chicken Sandwiches and 250 orders of nuggets, including sides of fries and biscuits, to the homeless at the Poverello House. Poverello House serves three hot meals 365 days a year to anyone in need and serve anywhere from 1,200 to 1,600 meals a day. We hope to serve even more people with our contributions in the hopes that we can prevent hunger in our county.

On a nationwide level, Popeyes bought over one million nuggets from several brands, including Popeyes, and donated them to various foodbanks to “End the Chicken Wars.”

Additionally, The Popeyes Foundation has joined with the No Kid Hungry Campaign to end hunger and poverty among children in America. In the wake of the pandemic, one in six children could face hunger this year. No child should go hungry in America, so Popeyes endeavors to support the campaigns efforts to provide free and affordable meals to families in need.

Keep up with all things Popeyes and follow our social medias! In the meantime, please enjoy pictures of our neighbors Loving that Chick’n at the Poverello House.

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