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Turlock Grand Opening and Brand Revamp

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Written By: Rebecca Baxter

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Turlock’s Grand Opening unveiled the brand's new fresh look!

We are proud that the Turlock location that opened on January 17, 2021 is part of the QSR Management family. This was a milestone celebration as this is the first Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen in California to open with the brand’s revamped logo and design. Amy Bublak, Mayor of Turlock was there for the Grand Opening and Imran Damani, CEO & President of QSR Management, served as the first customer for the Turlock Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen. When you visit this location, you will also get to experience a new digital drive-thru menu boards along with the new look.

Meet the Turlock Team!

Vanessa Balero is leading the Turlock team. She is a passionate leader who made a move from Fresno, CA to Turlock, CA to manage the day-to-day restaurant operations. She has put together a strong service-focused team that is ready to serve each guest just like they were family. The team has already served more than 42,000 customers since their opening in January. Check out what customers who have already visited the Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen have to say:

“"Omg I can’t believe this .... I’m from Illinois and the Mississippi southern Louisiana and this is so right on flavor from the real Popeyes® from back home and they go above and beyond to make sure I get what I’m wanting exactly how I asked right down to the ice .... They are the first place I’ve been to in this state that reminds me of home true southern style taste and feels just like you're there at a family's place..."

Timmy Palmer, Customer

The assistant manager Vanessa (?) was super nice and the service was exceptional. It has been great having a better choice for chicken in town. The lines are always long but well worth the wait!"

Sabrina Vickroy, Customer

Very great experience with the help of Justine and Vanessa over the phone. They helped

me by showing me how to work the app and also by making sure my order is going through

with the door Dasher and everything ran smoothly. Thank you

Vanessa Flores, Customer

"Best One Ever"

Ana Rendon, Customer

More about the brand’s new identity!

During a time when many restaurants are having to make tough decisions to scale down and identify cost-saving changes, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen is launching an ambitious global expansion with a new brand identity. Imagine a clean, modern white exterior that is the canvas for joyful pops of color. You’ll notice a revised color palette, colorful decals, handwritten graffiti of the famous classic motto “Love That Chicken”, and a new chicken logo. In a release from Popeyes® shared with Fox New media back in June 2020 the brand shared “To further spread the product love to even more guests, it was time for Popeyes® to translate its Louisiana roots in a more modern approach by completely redesigning the brand’s visual identity and restaurant image”.

We are excited about the positive changes that have come with thoughtful purpose, and we are excited to see the new look come to life at our restaurants.

One thing you can count on is that with each bite you won’t miss that well-known Louisiana flavor!

See the brand’s new identity in these images of the exterior, interior, and new packaging:

In Marrero, LA, Popeyes® opened its first remodeled restaurant. Courtesy of Popeyes®

“The clean contemporary white exterior of our new restaurant image serves as a canvas for the joyful pops of color from Popeyes® new color palette and hand-drawn iconography such as Love That Chicken” – quote from Popeyes® development brochure

The interior of the first renovated restaurant in Marrero, Louisiana. Courtesy of Popeyes®

“Our new restaurant image show we are a proudly electric brand, inspired by our roots and celebrating our food craft” – quote from Popeyes® development brochure

New Packaging. Courtesy of Popeyes®

“Popeyes® New Packaging: Unapologetically orange, the new packaging proudly leverages the new hand-drawn brand pattern representative of Popeyes® Louisiana heritage” – quote from Popeyes® development brochure

Content and Images shared were sourced from the following online articles:

  • Alexandra Deabler, Fox News, posted June 1, 2020 – click to access full article.

  • Irene Jiang, Business Insider, posted May 29, 2020 – click to access the full article.

  • Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen official website and development brochure.

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